If the media player doesn’t work, click here to listen. Also, I’d love feedback on how the media player works in different browsers… I had a tough time getting it to work.

P.S. Please do not re-post this MP3 elsewhere without my permission. Thank you.


Karen / 09.02.12

I love melancholy piano themes too! Recently I’ve been listening to Comptine d’un Autre Été from the Amelie soundtrack. I still need to watch my Weekend with Marilyn though.

I just wanted to say that I love your new blog (came over from shimmer like gold) :)

K / 09.02.12

I LOVE the Amélie soundtrack! (I have all the sheet music and play them all the time.) Yann Tiersen is a beautiful composer.

Thanks for wandering on over, Karen! :) And you must see My Week with Marilyn. It’s lovely.


Holly / 09.02.12

Oh this whole post makes me wish I still played the piano! One day maybe…

That song is lovely!

sécia / 09.02.12

Well done. I loved it too when I first heard it.

♥ sécia

Caity / 10.02.12

So that’s you playing it? That’s incredible! I love this. You are really talented! I would want to play that too. That is absolutely gorgeous music.

C a t h e / 10.02.12

Beautiful post. (: Haven’t seen the movie yet, but it should be in our theaters soon so I’m looking forward to that.

My first time to comment I guess. I’ve been following Shimmer Like Gold for quite some time now. It brought me here.

Your skills and talents are unique lady. (;

Crissy / 10.02.12

Beautiful ♥
So, are you accepting requests for future renditions of awesome tunes? :P

(Also, it works fine in Chrome :))

Cam / 10.02.12

it’s sounds amazing .. still need to watch the so many others again, too .. with such lovely and beautiful delicate scores! also adore the Themes of ‘Becoming Jane’, ‘The Notebook’, ‘Bright Star’ and so many others…

jazzy elizabeth / 10.02.12

Really beautiful. x hivenn

Ally / 10.02.12

Have yet to see the movie but soon hopefully. This is absolutely beautiful, thoughl!

Jessica / 10.02.12

Beautiful! Loving piano music in general ever since :D Works nicely in Firefox on Mac, too. <3

K / 10.02.12

Thanks, Caity! I’m such a sucker for pretty songs from soundtracks. They’re so much fun to play.

K / 10.02.12

I highly recommend the movie, so if you get a chance to see it… go for it! It’s lovely. Michelle Williams is phenomenal in it.

Thanks for wandering on over, Cathe! And for the kind words. I have really random/unrelated/potentially useless skills… haha.


K / 10.02.12

Gracias! For you, I suppose I could do that. ;) I may not be prompt with it, but I could eventually. I’m trying to get some wedding-y type songs recorded for my website, so if said song also conveniently could pass as a nice song to play at a wedding, then that would work. ;)

Random – Do you like Dustin O’Halloran? I feel like you do, but I can’t recall us ever discussing his music before. Anyway, my point being, I ordered a book of his sheet music and I’m SOOOO excited to learn to play it. I’m bouncing. (This really has no relevance, I’m just really excited and I had to tell someone. Hah!)

(Awesome, thanks dude! It was being kind of sketchy for me in Safari, so I wasn’t sure.)

K / 10.02.12

Thanks, Cam! I love the movie Bright Star, but I don’t think I’ve paid that close of attention to the soundtrack before! I should hunt that out immediately! The Notebook has a lovely score too – Rachel Portman composes beautiful pieces for piano.

Lola / 13.02.12

I’ve heard great things about the soundtrack for girl with dragon tattoom not sure if that type of genre of music is something you’d be interested in, just thought i’d put it out there!

Michelle / 14.02.12

This is beautifully played! I can listen to this all day ;D I haven’t watched it but I heard it’s really good.

Kya / 14.02.12

So awesome! I had never heard it before and it sounds so beautiful. I am using Chrome and it worked fine. It asked for permission to play it, which was fine because it was so good! :D

Terra / 05.04.12

I have searched for sheet music. but I can’t find it. Can you let me know where you found it? I’d appreciate it SO much! I feel the same way. When I heard this during the credits, I searched for what it was called IMMEDIATELY because it was just so beautiful. <3

K / 05.04.12

Hi Terra!
I found the sheet music on YouTube: I couldn’t find a commercial copy for purchase anywhere (still crossing my fingers they’ll release a book for the entire soundtrack), but this user offers a free download of his transcription of the piece. It’s really well done and true to the original. Enjoy! It’s such a lovely piece of music to play. :)

jade / 08.04.12

Hi there,

Great work on Marilyn’s theme. I’m a pianist and admit to being captivated by the song as well. Did you do a transcription or lead sheet. Or is one commercially available? I would love to know. Thanks!