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A Magnolia Heart – Fabulous Friday Links / 24.02.12

[...] ever dream about designing a hotel? Well, this lovely lady is doing just that! Check it out and while you’re at it, notice how she blogs? Super [...]

sécia / 24.02.12

This sounds like uber fun!

♥ sécia

Ally / 24.02.12

Oooh, this is super exciting! Love your ideas!

Alice / 25.02.12

How exciting! I look forward to seeing more.

Cam / 25.02.12

wow, this looks and sounds fantastic! and the outcome will be amazing for sure! you go girl! xo

hayley ann / 26.02.12

wow, what a great opportunity!! how exciting. i am loving your ideas, i can’t wait to see more! by the way, i am also loooving your new blog. looks so great!

Holly / 27.02.12

What an awesome project! If this was a real hotel in Toronto I would totally stay there, ha! I’m looking forward to seeing more photos of your progress!

Kate / 27.02.12

This is SO COOL! I studied architecture in college, so I love how you organized all your diagrams, ideas, and sketches into one awesome blog post. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

K / 27.02.12

Cool, really?! So are you technically trained to be an architect then? I’d love to someday go on to do my masters in architecture so I could be registered as both an interior design & architect, but if I ever did, it would be in the far, faaaar distance future. (Too much schooling for me right now. Can’t wait to be out in the real world!)

Angela / 28.02.12

This is so amazing!

I was thinking the other day about studying Interior Design, but I don’t know maybe it’s too late for me, haha, I’m still young, though. It’s definitely something I’d really love to study. A friend of mine is now studying this and she really enjoys it. I don’t know, I’ll wait to see how things turn out and maybe I’ll do it!


K / 28.02.12

Aw, it’s never too late! I actually did an entire 4-year degree before I starting taking the degree in design I’m taking now. And that is the case for a lot of my class mates as well. I think in our graduating class of 16, only 2 of them started directly out of high school. Most of us are people who came to design later and have gone back to school for it. And actually, most of my classmates are in the 30′s.


K / 28.02.12

Why thank you, my dear!

Kate / 29.02.12

I don’t blame you! I graduated from a four year program, so in order to actually be a licensed architect I would need to get my masters.

K / 03.03.12

Awesome! I have my first hotel guest! ;)


Wow! How exciting! This sounds like a dream project. I can’t wait to follow along on your progress. Best of luck!

Julia. / 09.03.12

What an amazing opportunity!

K / 14.03.12

Thank you all for the vote of confidence and interest in my project! I’ll definitely keep the blog updated as it progresses throughout the semester. :)