This Week



Ally / 02.03.12

Your photos are so cozy and dreamy, but still so crisp and full of life… so lovely. And I love peeks into people’s lives and homes, I find it fascinating.

Kate / 02.03.12

These photos are amazing! Have a wonderful weekend, hope you feel better!

Alice / 03.03.12

So cute :) what camera do you use? The are lovely pictures.

Mirka / 03.03.12

Oh, I just love your blog! The way you write the posts, by hand, is just amazing and gives your posts such a personal feel!

May Casson / 03.03.12

You have a very beautiful blog and I love how you do your posts!

Cam / 03.03.12

sounds all very exciting …really adore your interior settings in your house so lovely! love lots of white as well! hope you feel better soon.. have a healthy & happy weekend! xo

K / 03.03.12

It’s sad that I had to take out the camera to respond… sign of a true photographer. ;) Hah. Anyway, I have a Canon EOS Rebel T2i.

K / 03.03.12

Thanks, Kate! I think maybe all I needed was a good day of rest; feeling a bit more alive today. ;)
Have an awesome weekend, too!

K / 03.03.12

Thanks, Cam! Feeling a bit better this morning, so that’s a positive sign. :)

I’m aaaall about the white, naturally.

Happy weekend!

K / 03.03.12

Thanks, Mirka! I really enjoy doing out each post by hand. And as a designer, I’m all about the hand made too – it’s starting to become a lost art and I won’t have it!

Harriet / 03.03.12

You flat is gorgeous! I always love little peaks into other people’s homes and lives, and yours is perfect!

Angela / 03.03.12

Wow! I’m Jealous! & Spiral staircase, I love them :)
Wonderful pictures!

hayley ann / 03.03.12

ah! so beautiful. everything. you inspire me, lady! happy weekend!

K / 03.03.12

Spiral staircases are where it’s at! (Seriously hoping I can make that work with building codes…)

Angela / 04.03.12

Aha! That’s the difficult part! But you’ll do it great and that’s the best part, when you get to combine design with real construction ;)

Julia. / 05.03.12

Oh, i adore your blog! So beautiful and clean!

Holly / 05.03.12

Hope that cold ended up going away!

I’m so jealous you have snow… haha. We have hardly had ANY this winter! & it’s Ontario! C’mon! Bah… ha.

K / 09.03.12

Well, I’m mightly flattered! Thanks Hayley and happy (new) weekend!

K / 09.03.12

Oh my gosh, our snowfall has been pitiful here too! We’ve had next to nothing! This “snowfall”, if it can be called that at about 1 cm, barely covered the ground and lasted all of 12 hours. Truly depressing. It’s just been rain, rain, rain out here on the Atlantic coast. What’s up with that, Canada?