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Marthe / 30.03.12

Wow, this room is so pretty! It must be so amazing to wake up to this! I can’t even photograph my bathroom at the moment, since I’m living in student halls and it would seriously break my camera lens, it’s so ugly§

I love your mugs with q-tips and your perfume bottle, so neatly put together! :)

Alice / 30.03.12

Firstly, wow, I LOVE your bathroom. I love white rooms in general though. Secondly, how on earth do you keep it so tidy?? I’d have cosmetics EVERYWHERE!

K / 30.03.12

I’m kind of a fanatic about keeping my washroom tidy. I NEED counter space, so I’m good about putting everything away in the cabinet when I’m through with it. ;) Though I will admit I’m guilty of leaving my curling iron out on the floor the majority of the time… I put it away for the pictures though. ;)

Whitney / 30.03.12

You’ve succeeded with the whiter and brighter! Love it.

K / 30.03.12

I hear ya! Actually, I really have the shower curtain as my saving grace here. Before I put it up the other day, it was a seriously ugly room that I didn’t want to be in. The shower curtain is a miracle worker!

sécia / 30.03.12

I heart storage… and white! You should put a little plant on the floor under those boxes. :)

♥ sécia

Kate / 30.03.12

I LOVE IT! So pretty and white and clean. Just curious, what kind of camera lens do you have? I only have a 50mm and I’m looking to get another one that is better at capturing small spaces :) Yours did a great job!

Jen from insideways / 30.03.12

It’s already looking so great! I just can’t get over how nice these photos are. Care to share any tips? :)

Kirsten / 30.03.12

I have just discovered your blog and wanted to say how AWESOME it is! Best designed blog I have seen in a while! :)

K / 30.03.12

Wow, thank you, Kirsten! What a compliment. :)

K / 30.03.12

Thanks, Jen! As for tips… I guess it was just luck? I just got my first DSLR in January, and I just mess around since I don’t 100% understand what I’m doing. Hah. One thing I’ve found works well for my apartment though since I get very little natural light (and none in the washroom) was putting my white balance setting on tungsten instead of fluorescent even though that’s the type of lighting I have. I don’t know if that makes a difference or what it *really* does, but it made my pictures a lot less yellow-y than on any other setting.

K / 30.03.12

Thanks, Kate! :D
I just use the lens that came with my camera – 18-55mm. I’m still very new to photography, but it’s been great for my uses so far (primarily shooting indoors). Combined with some strategic standing-on-top-of-toilet for the shot, it’s done the trick. ;)

K / 30.03.12

I should do that! I hadn’t thought of that before. It’s such a weird and awkward little corner; a little plant would look nice there. You can also see that spot from my front door, so I like this idea a lot. Thanks for the suggestion, Sécia!

Cam / 31.03.12

aww..this looks so lovely! and adore your bathroom colors as well… as I love Grey, too! xo

Natalie / 31.03.12

Aw, I love it! I, too, know the woes of a tiny, horrible bathroom – but mine is far less bright and gorgeous than yours!
And, um, yeah, I have to echo what Kirsten said above me – your blog design is spectacular! Woohoo!

Brandi / 01.04.12

Your bathroom looks like something out of a fancy hotel or spa! And I don’t think that’s just the white ruffly curtain.

And I love the piece of art on the wall. What a brilliant reminder (and my mom’s favorite movie).

Holly / 02.04.12

Ooh that new shower curtain is SO pretty! & perfect for your bathroom! What a great towel, too!

Ally / 02.04.12

Bathrooms in reality never actually seem to be lovely, but so lovely, Krissy.

K / 07.04.12

Well, that’s quite the compliment! Thank you, Brandi!

Kristin / 09.04.12

I am behind with the times. But I had to chime in with the general sentiment that you have a beautiful bathroom! And that’s so sweet that your parents knew to send you such a perfect compliment to an already darling room!

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